Welcome, Visitors!

We know how awkward it can be to visit a new church.

We hope this guide makes your visit a smooth and enjoyable one.



Trinity is located just off of Hwy 53 in Cook, MN, right behind the American Bank. From Hwy 53, turn east onto Hwy 24 (2nd Street). Our driveway is the second one on the left.



We have handicap parking and an accessible entrance on the north/east side of the church (by the bell tower). Our south (front) entrance is also handicap accessible. If you are visiting during the week, the east (accessible) entrance and the west (back) entrance are usually open. On Sunday mornings and during special events, all three of the church’s entrances are open. Parking is available by the south (front) entrance, in the big lot on the west side of the church, as well as along 2nd St. The offices are located just inside the east entrance.

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Sunday morning schedule

Worship begins at 9:30am, followed by fellowship time at 10:30am. Greeters will welcome you by the base of the sanctuary stairs and an usher will provide you with a bulletin and answer any questions you might have. If you have young children in need of some quiet distraction, we have activity bags hanging on a tree just inside the sanctuary entrance, as well as activity sheets hanging on the wall next to the tree.

Holy Communion is celebrated every Sunday and all are welcome to join us. On the first Sunday of the month, Communion is by table, also referred to as at the rail. Ushers will invite you to stand or kneel at the rail in front of the altar. You will be given the elements and then blessed & dismissed as a group. On the other Sundays, there are two Communion stations at the front of the church and the ushers will guide you to them. If you are unable to walk up front, notify the usher and Communion will be brought to you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask an usher or Communion assistant.

Following the worship service, the children are invited to go downstairs for Sunday School (late Sept. – early May) and the adults are invited to enjoy coffee, snacks and conversation in our Fellowship Hall.



Restrooms are located on the north side of the church, in the hallway that connects the east & west entrances. There is also a unisex bathroom downstairs in the Sunday school area, directly across from the stairs.


Upcoming Calendar